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You can view the progress and eventual updates here.

What are “The CHiRAL Night 2.0 – Mini Scenes”?
The Mini Scenes are a bunch of videos that were shown at The CHiRAL Night 2.0 Event which took place during the summer of 2013. This event was basically a concert where the singers for the various CHiRAL games performed their respective songs. During the DMMd segment of the concert, there were little extra scenes which were basically a sort of short continuation to each route in DMMd re:connect – these are the scenes we are working on. If you remember in the DMMd re:connect game, there was also an Extra titled “The CHIRAL Night (1.0)” where you had some cutscenes which followed the bad endings from the original DMMd. Well, these videos here basically follow the same format.

What are the “DMMd re:connect Summer Side Stories”?
On the 10th of August 2013, Nitro+CHiRAL released a series of stories which take place after DMMd re:connect, featuring Aoba and each respective bachelor (except for Virus and Trip). 

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